Monopoly Officially Introduces New Piece


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As reported earlier this year, the classic board game Monopoly has undergone a change to one of its iconic playing pieces. A fan vote conducted in February officially ousted the classic iron piece in favor of something a little more interesting: a cat.

Months after the vote decided the cat's place in the game Hasbro is officially introducing the piece into the game. New versions of the game with the feline in place of the iron have been shipped and soon the household appliance will become nothing more than a distant childhood memory for some while the cat prances its way around baltic avenue and the like.

It's not all gloom and doom for fans of the iron though (are there fans of the iron?). the piece had an impressive 78 year run as an official Monopoly token and undoubtedly spawned millions of "why did they choose an iron?" debates. The token will take a place in the hall of retired monopoly pieces alongside the likes of the sack of money and the cannon (which is infinitely cooler than an iron).

Cats have become all the rage of late with internet memes and GIFs turning the fury pets into official hipster cultural currency, as evidenced by the abundance of cat sweaters and t-shirts that can be seen on any given day. So as the days of the iron come to a close the cat will most likely gain a strong following and find itself passing "Go" for decades to come, or at least until people stop playing boardgames.

[Image via CNN on YouTube]