Mono Mono Twins Finally Join Family At Home

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Mono mono twins, Jenna and Jillian Thistlethwaite, came home on Saturday just in time to celebrate Father's Day next weekend with their dad. The twins, whose photo went viral in May after they were snapped holding hands shortly after delivery on May 9th, are enjoying just not being hooked up to anything for a while.

Their mom, Sarah Thistlethwaite, is still having a hard time telling the girls apart.

"We can't find any difference right now," said Thistlethwaite. She said the couple even tried to test themselves, but failed. "We thought for sure it was Jenna but it wasn't, it was Jillian. ... I think we're going to have to paint some toenails to keep them straight."

Perhaps pink on one and purple on the other?

Even though the girls were born seven weeks early, weighing in at four pounds, two ounces and three pounds, 13 ounces, doctors don't anticipate any further complications.

Sarah Thistlewaite is just counting her little blessings.

"We were so excited and kept thanking God we made it to that point," she said. "Having them here is amazing, but having them here so healthy when they were premature, it's absolutely phenomenal."

The family spent some time together after coming home with the girls on Saturday.

"We all came into the living room and everyone kind of relaxed and Jackson played with the toys and then looked at the girls," a relieved Thistlethwaite said. "It was awesome to be in our own family group ... with nothing hooked up to the girls."

The girls were monoamniotic or "mono mono" twins, meaning they shared an amniotic sac as well as an umbilical cord. This happens once every 10,000 pregnancies, making it very rare and extremely susceptible to complications. However, Sarah Thistlewaite spent two months at the hospital on bed rest and managed to avoid the more serious possible complications.

Congrats to the new family!

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