Monica Lewinsky Tell-All Could Earn Her Millions

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Monica Lewinsky became a household name when it was revealed that she had a torrid affair with Bill Clinton while he was in office, and although the world heard quite a bit more about the president's sex life than we probably wanted to, Lewinsky insists she has more to tell. The 39-year old is currently shopping around a tell-all memoir which includes details of the affair and talks about Clinton's damaged marriage.

A "source" says that Lewinsky is planning on including excerpts from love letters she wrote to Clinton, and will detail his penchant for "kinky" sex. Of course, coming fourteen years after the fact, the book probably won't do much to damage Clinton's reputation--he left office with an extremely high approval rating despite the scandal--but if the rumors are true and Lewinsky releases info from her private conversations with the former president, it could draw some very negative attention towards his wife Hillary.

According to Lewinsky's friends, she's described some of those conversations as having to do with the Clintons' "non-existent" sex life, with Bill calling his wife a "cold fish". They also say that because of the scandal's long reach, she's had trouble getting jobs and is looking to make quite a bit of money with this book deal--upwards of $12 million, reportedly.

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