Modern Dramas Recut as Vintage Sitcoms

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Back in the eighties and nineties corniness was often times mistaken for comedy. Sadly we live a much harsher time. America has grownup. No longer are the days when a well timed pun sent an audience into an uproarious laughter.

Somewhere along the way, we shed our naive optimism. Comedies are darker, based on irony and cruelly making fun of people, and dramas are everywhere. Believable dramas! When I was a kid, MacGyver was doing impossible things with paperclips, and none of it was believable. And when anyone got shot, by God, you knew it fake.

And what ever happened to mixing the drama in with the comedy. Modern TV couldn't hold a candle to the Fresh Prince when dealing with the heavy issue of gun violence. Forget about drug abuse, Saved by the Bell showed you all you need to know when Jessie took way more caffeine pills than anyone can handle.

If you miss those good ol' days, don't fear. This collection of modern TV shows re-edited to look like classic sitcoms will brighten your mood. Starting with The Walking Dead...

The Office isn't really a drama, but it does point out the huge contrast between comedy in the nineties and today.

[h/t: Mashable]

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