Mobile Game Development Is Easy And Profitable (If You're Lucky)

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It seems that everybody is going into mobile game development these days. The traditional console market is shrinking as more and more gamers tire of the same 6-year-old hardware. They're beginning to look for new experiences that they can't get anywhere else, and mobile games provide that experience. It's a huge industry and developers stand to profit from it.

A new infographic from Adobe shows just how much money a developer stands to make from creating games for mobile platforms. How much money? Let's just say that the mobile gaming industry now makes about as twice as much as the music industry. That's $56 billion being pumped into a single industry annually. Beyond the money, those looking for audience have one as 98 million Americans play social or casual games.

Making games is hard though, right? Actually, making games, especially for mobile platforms, is easier than ever. Can you program in Flash? Have an artist for a friend? You have all you need to make the next great mobile title. Adobe AIR allows you to seamlessly port your Flash developed titles to mobile platforms while taking advantage of native hardware acceleration.

Mobile Game Developer Is Easy And Profitable (If You're Lucky)

Of course, anybody going into game development must have tempered expectations. It's unlikely that you're going to have the next Angry Birds or Temple Run on your hands right from the get go. Game development is grueling and sometimes painful, but incredibly rewarding for those who stick with it. Making bank is only a nice bonus on top of creating something that has the power to connect people on a deeper level than anything else available.

In short - If you're making a game to make money, you're gonna have a bad time.

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