Mobile Ads Are Getting Better At Fueling Consumer Purchase Intent

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The effectiveness of mobile ads has long been debated, but data compiled by comScore appears to suggest that they're only getting more effective as time goes on.

Perhaps better for marketers yet is that mobile ads are getting better where it really counts: the point at which consumers prepare to actually buy a product or service.

The data comes from "hundreds" of Mobile Brand Survey Lift studies, comScore explains. These have taken place over the past two years, and the research firm has used them to establish industry benchmarks.

"The research shows statistically significant lifts for the test group vs. the control group in aided awareness (+20%), favorability (+4%), likelihood to recommend (+22%), and purchase intent (+28%)," says comScore's Stephanie Adamo. "The observed lifts appear to be the strongest near the bottom of the marketing funnel, with the most notable impact being on ‘purchase intent’, a metric that correlates with in-store sales."

Adamo adds, ""These results of course beg the question: why do mobile ads appear to be working particularly well at the bottom of the funnel? Perhaps it’s because mobile devices are inherently personal devices and the ads may resonate on a more individual level. Another possible explanation is that mobile ads often appear when people are out and about, and either closer to the point of purchase or in a social context where they might recommend a brand."

Mobile Ad Benchmarks

As smartphone sales continue to rise, it stands to reason that the effectiveness of targeted mobile advertising will only increase. Apple has already sold nine million of its new iPhones, which were just released on Friday.

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