Mob Wives Star: Playboy Says 'No Thanks'


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Playboy is undoubtedly inundated each day with hundreds of nude photos from women all over the world who believe they have what it takes to grace the famous magazine's pages. Nearly all of them are rejected.

When a celebrity agrees to pose for the magazine, however, Playboy's high standards for body type and age can be relaxed a little. The magazine has featured pictorials from stars such a Tiffany and Debbie Gibson well into their 30s, and Denise Richards appeared in the magazine just months after giving birth to her first child.

Not everyone can qualify for such exceptions, though, and with so many reality shows on TV these days there are dozens of semi-celebrities who believe they deserve a place in Playboy. The publication does not agree.

TMZ this week reported that Pia Rizza, star of reality TV show Mob Wives Chicago, was rejected by Playboy after sending in her nude pictures. The report states that leaked nude photos of Rizza were being sold, and she didn't want the pics to make money for someone else. The photos were sent to Playboy, who politely informed her that they were not interested.

Pia Rizza is the daughter of Vincent Rizza, a mobster who testified against The Chicago Outfit and entered the Witness Protection Program.