MLB 12 The Show Commercial Teases a "Cubs Win" Scenario


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A heart felt look inside the souls of Cubs fans and how they'll feel if when their team wins the World Series -or- the ultimate tease, that's just mean, because the Cubs are destined to never win another World Series?

The White Sox fan in me simply sits back and polishes my faux 2005 World Series ring, smiling devilishly.

I'll let you be the judge about what this commercial means to a Cubs fan. What the commercial definitely represents is the latest trend of featuring real life video in a game advertisement. When will it end?

Is that Bob Costas I hear at the end?

MLB 12 The Show comes out today, and as a long running fan of the series I can't wait to see what improvements SCE San Diego Studio has made to the already stellar series. Considering the awesomeness (even I have to admit it has great production values) of this live action trailer, it almost seems as though they should do these kinds of videos for all the teams and have them play when your team wins it all in the game.

That's just the video game wanna-be developer in me talking.