Missy Franklin: How NBC Totally Screwed Over Her Fans

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Missy Franklin is the young, fresh-faced, sweet-as-candy swimmer who stole all our hearts on Monday with her outrageous gold medal win, coming just fifteen minutes after her previous race. If you aren't familiar with competitive swimming, I'll let you in on a secret: that's insane. Even Michael Phelps has never had less than a 30-minute break between races, and he was duly impressed by the teen's performance yesterday.

However, just moments before she took the platform to start that race to the medal, NBC aired a promo for the "Today" show, which showed the outcome of the race. (Psst. Hey, NBC. London is on a totally different time than we are. Not sure if you realized.)

Yes, it was a mistake, which everyone is entitled to make, but shamon. This is the Olympics. You'd think they would have someone behind the scenes checking to make sure these things don't happen. What next, NBC, are you going to tell me the ending of "The Dark Knight Rises" too?

Tip o' the hat to Buzzfeed for the vid, which you can watch here.

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