Miss Utah Flubs Question About Income Inequality, Wants to 'Create Education Better'

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Miss Connecticut Erin Brady may have won Sunday night's Miss USA contest, but it's her fellow pageant participant that's on the receiving end of a lot of viral buzz this morning.

Miss Utah, the Bulgarian-born Laura Chukanov, had a little bit of trouble last night during the Q&A portion of the annual contest. Ok, she bombed it, let's be honest.

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes asked Chukanov a question about income inequality - the fact that women continue to make less than men despite being the primary breadwinners in 40% of households these days. What happened next is kind of hard to watch. Most definitely cringeworthy.

Check it out:

Yeah, it was a dumb answer. But it's also quite easy to lob jokes from the peanut gallery. The following is a popular sentiment floating around Twitter right now:

Well said. Plus, as long as we have YouTube, we'll always have Miss Teen South Carolina. Cheer up, Miss Utah. It could be a lot worse:

Still, at least for the time being, it looks like "create education better" has replaced "most U.S. Americans don't have maps" and "like, such as" in the highly-contested realm of beauty pageant screwups.

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