Miss Universe Blunder Gets Spoofed By Jamie Foxx At Golden Globe Awards

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The Miss Universe fever is not yet over as another parody has been made to remind people yet again of the awkward mix-up. Jamie Foxx parodied Steve Harvey’s infamous Miss Universe mistake while announcing the winner for Best Original Score at the Golden Globes on January 10.

After going through the nominees, Foxx wore a serious expression on his face as he announced Straight Outta Compton as the winner.

The audience was confused as the film was not actually nominated. After a few seconds, Foxx then mimicked Harvey’s apology at the Miss Universe pageant last December 20, when the comedian mistakenly announced Miss Colombia as the winner instead of Miss Philippines.

“I'm sorry folks, I made a mistake,” he began while co-presenter actress Lily James laughed on.

He showed his cue card, saying: “Ah, I’m so sorry! It says it right there…it says it right there…it’s The Hateful Eight.”

“It's right here on the card, I take full responsibility... I apologize to everybody in Compton,” he quipped to audience’s laughter.

Watch Jamie Foxx Takes a Dig at Steve Harvey's Miss Universe Mistake at the 2016 Golden Globes

Hateful Eight’s Ennio Morricone won but he was not able to attend the ceremony so director Quentin Tarantino received the award on his behalf.

Foxx’s joke aimed to poke fun at Harvey’s embarrassing moment at the Miss Universe 2015 coronation night, when he called Colombia’s Ariadna Gutierrez as the victor only to come back onstage to apologize for his huge mistake. The crown and sash were then transferred from Gutierrez to Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach.

Previously, the embarrassing Miss Universe mix-up was parodied at the People’s Choice Awards, in which Jane Lynch pretended to give an award to an actor who had not received a People’s Choice Award before. However, Lynch interrupted the winner’s acceptance speech to announce that Miss Colombia was the real winner.

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