Miss Lebanon's Agent: Miss Israel Was "Chasing" Her

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Miss Lebanon is still trying to do some damage control from the selfie seen around the world.

Miss Israel took a selfie on January 11th of herself, Miss Lebanon, Miss Japan, and Miss Slovenia in Miami, where the Miss Universe pageant will take place on Sunday.

Miss Lebanon, Saly Greige, subsequently faced political backlash on social media outlets after Miss Israel, Doron Matalon, immediately posted that selfie on Instagram.

Israel and Lebanon are technically at war right now, and while there hasn't been a major conflict since 2006, there is still enough political tension to enrage many Labanese pageant spectators and political activists.

Miss Lebanon released an explanation via Facebook in order to try and quell those who insisted she had somehow defamed her country.

Miss Lebanon's agent has now become involved in the politically charged incident.

Richard Pharaon is claiming that this selfie with Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel is part of a wider conspiracy against Miss Lebanon.

He said, "Miss Israel was trying from the beginning to reach Saly and to have a selfie with her during the 20 days they stayed there. They were both sitting together once at the Marriott Hotel and Miss Israel came and asked Saly to have a selfie with her. Saly refused, of course, since she's perfectly aware of the conflict with Israel, and the whole situation in Lebanon."

@geegee_ayugi miss Kenya gave me her Masai headpiece , I think I should keep it! @miss_israel @missuniverse

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Pharaon insists that Miss Lebanon was forced to run away when Miss Israel chased her down to try and get a selfie with her.

Pharaon said, "Saly was running away from her all the time since she was being chased by her. She stands for her country no matter what."

Here's what he said transpired before the infamous selfie was taken against the will of Miss Lebanon:

"Miss Israel saw them, and she immediately joined them and took a selfie with them without leaving Miss Lebanon time to react, and she immediately posted the picture on her Instagram account."

Miss Israel's response to Miss Lebanon's accusations that she is deliberately trying to embarrass her was one of sadness.

"It doesn't surprise me, but it still makes me sad. Too bad you can not put the hostility out of the game, only for three weeks of an experience of a lifetime that we can meet girls from around the world and also from the neighboring country."

What do you think of the controversy between Miss Lebanon and Miss Israel?

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