Miranda Lambert Divorce: Blake Shelton Wants to 'Clear the Air' in TV Interview

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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are done, and now The Voice coach wants to "clear the air" about the reason behind it.

Rumors have run rampant ever since an announcement hit the media last week about Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's divorce. Everything from Blake's drinking to Miranda's cheating has been named as the reason behind the split. There's even been a rumor going around that claims Miranda Lambert is pregnant--with Blake Shelton's baby. Oh--and then there's one that claims The Voice is the reason for their split.

It seems Blake is growing weary of all these rumors, and is intent on setting the record straight. But how can he do that--once and for all?

One source says a TV interview may be in the works, during which Blake Shelton will spill it all about his split from Miranda Lambert--his wife of four years.

“Blake is trying to figure out the best way to address all of this,” the source explains. “It most likely will be done via a sit down interview to clear the air once a lot of the dust settles.”

Blake is also denying all cheating allegations--on his behalf, anyway.

He "is telling close friends that he is not the one who ruined the relationship,” the source shared. “He knew stuff like this would be said in the media, but the way he’s acting towards these rumors have made his friends really believe him. He’s the one who filed for divorce, not the other way around.”

Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert engaged in an odd Twitter exchange to promote a friend since word of their divorce made news.

How long do you suppose it might be before the "dust settles," and Blake Shelton dishes about Miranda Lambert in a TV interview?

Do you expect the interview will reveal any surprises, or simply confirm what many already think they know?

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