Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Not Splitting Up

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Are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton on the verge of splitting up? When Blake Shelton saw a tabloid headline recently that stated as much, he had a very direct response for them.

E! reports that a tabloid announced that The Voice coach and the 'Somethin' Bad' singer were essentially living separate lives--and had been doing so for months.

"They're barely together," a source wrote. "Miranda is worried that if this keeps up, they'll continue to grow apart."

Blake Shelton wasn't happy when he read the headline or the article.

This isn't the first time and likely won't be the last that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's marriage has been questioned in the tabloids. Despite the frequent rumors, both Blake and Miranda deny there's any truth behind them.

Back in May, Miranda Lambert addressed those rumors during an interview with Billboard magazine.

"I think I've had like five sets of twins in the last two years, and we've been divorced four times, and one of us had a $100 million divorce," she said.

She also said at the time that there wasn't much she and Blake could do but laugh the rumors off.

Miranda Lambert was actively promoting the release of her hubby's new album, 'Bringing Back the Sunshine,' on its release date last Tuesday.

The Christian Post claims that Blake Shelton may have cheated on Miranda Lambert with a woman named Cady Groves--someone he frequently chatted up on Twitter.

Do you think Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's marriage is safe and sound? Is the frequent time spent apart simply as a result of both of their careers? Blake definitely talks up his wife on The Voice--leading fans to believe the two are very much in love. Hopefully that's the case and the tabloids are wrong.

Do you love Blake's comment to the tabloid that reported their split?

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