Mint 1969 GT500 Found In Garage To Be Auctioned


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Every once in a while a rare item gets found in an attic, garage or at a flea market. Sometimes the owner is aware of the value of this item and is saving it, and other times they have no idea what a true treasure they really have. A mint condition 1969 Shelby GT500 was found in a garage last month and will soon be auctioned.

The car was owned by an automobile enthusiast who is deceased. The car was covered in dust but only has 8,500 miles on it. The owner never even washed the car for fear of scratching it and it is being auctioned with the original spark plugs, belts, fan, and hoses. The only parts on the car that are not original are the tires.

The car has not been driven since 1973 and was originally purchased for just $5,245 in 1969. The car is now valued at more than $100,000 and will soon be auctioned off by Ron Gilligan Auctioneering on April 25.

The mustang is jet black and features a 4-speed manual transmission. It also has a 428-cubic-inch Cobra Jet engine. A similar car is listed on for $114,900. It is very rare to find a classic car like this in such great condition with so many original parts. Collectors will be jumping at the chance to bid on it come auction time.

In addition to the mustang, the car collector also owned a 1971 Ford Ranchero with only 53,000 miles on it, a 1974 Ford Econoline Custom 100 van with only 554 original miles and several other mint vehicles. All of the vehicles will be for sale soon as part of the collector’s estate.

All of the cars in the collection were meticulously cared for, perfectly preserved and obviously loved by the owner.

What do you think of this amazing garage find and how much do you think it will fetch at auction?

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