Minnie Driver: Why Did She Quit Twitter?

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Actress Minnie Driver learned a tough lesson with regards to the internet: There's always someone floating around with something not-so-nice to say.

Driver found this out when a photo of her on vacation made the rounds on social media. In the image, you can see the 44-year-old pool side in a cute light blue floral string bikini.

In reality, Driver's body looks healthy enough. She did have a kid and she's not a twenty-year old. Who expects someone in their forties to be tanned and toned and perfect?

Whoever these persons are, they made it their mission to tweet at Driver and inform her that they weren't to thrilled with her body in the picture.

Keep in mind this is a paparazzi image and that Driver had no idea she was being photographed while vacationing.

The actress was horrified by the vicious nature of certain comments.

Driver tweeted as a response to the vitriol, "You try being photographed when you don’t know it’s happening, when you’re on holiday with your kids!"

Sorry Driver, the average internet troll typically lacks empathy.

Speaking of empathy, not all tweets about her bikini picture were mean. Some fans and onlookers were quite supportive of the indignant starlet.

Driver was so upset about the mean comments that she followed up the tweet with an announcement that she is leaving the "Twittersphere" for an indeterminate amount of time.

She said that persons on the site are "too mean sometimes" about one's "body" and "soul".

The one thing that puzzles me about this decision is that it seems she is yet another celebrity who does not understand the concept of a private Twitter.

When your Twitter is locked, random strangers can't tweet at you or see your tweets. It makes life easier than having to quit the site over controversies. It also denies internet bullies the satisfaction of running you away.

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