Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Makes Its Way To Retail In April

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Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has already proven to be the best selling Xbox Live Arcade title ever released on the platform. Now the indie hit has a chance to become the best selling retail Xbox 360 game of the year.

Microsoft announced today that it will be launching a retail version of Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition in stores on April 30. The new retail version of the game will include all the latest features of its digital counterpart including the ninth title update that's on the way.

The retail version will be identical to the digital version in every way. That means retail players will be able to play online with those who only own a digital copy. As expected, the retail copy will also receive all future updates.

There's no word on if the retail copy will come with any special features or extras, but it would be a great opportunity on Microsoft's part to encourage those who already own the digital version to buy the retail version. Minecraft diehards will probably pick up the retail release anyway, but a little something extra - like a download code for the Minecraft documentary - definitely wouldn't hurt.

Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition will launch in the U.S. on April 30 for $20. Gamers in Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan will be getting it in early June.

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