Minecraft Pocket Edition Sales Surpass 5 Million


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Popular indie title Minecraft is available in three flavors - the original PC version, the Xbox 360 Edition and the Pocket Edition for mobile devices. It's this last version, Pocket Edition, that gets the least amount of attention. Despite that, it's already hit an impressive new sales milestone.

Johan Bernhardsson, one of the developers on Minecraft Pocket Edition, took to Twitter this morning to announce that Minecraft Pocket Edition is doing pretty well for itself:

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the second version of the game to hit 5 million sales. The PC version passed 8 million sales back in November, and it was recently reported that the Xbox 360 version is almost there with 4.4 million copies sold. The Minecraft franchise as a whole has now surpassed 17.5 million sales, which is not too shabby for an indie developer.

With this sales milestone behind it, what's next for the little brother of the Minecraft franchise? Bernhardsson says that version 0.5.1 is slated for release in late January/early February. It will be the first update for Pocket Edition since Minecraft PC development head Jeb joined on as the head of development for Pocked Edition as well.

[h/t: Joystiq]