Mindy Tran Sacrifices Herself as a 'Speed Bump' to Save Daughters in Moving Car

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On Thursday March 6, a Massachusetts mom literally laid down her life to save her twin daughters.

Mindy Tran, 22, is recovering in the hospital after using her body as a speed bump to stop her moving vehicle from rolling into traffic.

The mother of two told WCVB-TV that she backed her Honda Accord into the garage of her apartment and remembers putting it in park. However, when she briefly stepped away to go lock her door, she noticed her vehicle was moving and her daughters were moving with it.

I was like, 'What is going on?' And I see my daughter sitting there in the back seat and of course my first instinct is, 'I have to push the car back into the driveway,'" she said.

After noticing that her daughters were still strapped in the car, Tran says she immediately reacted and threw herself in front of the vehicle to stop it from going into the busy street.

"I had to use myself as a speed bump to slow it down enough for one of my neighbors to get in and completely stop the car," Tran said.

A nearby neighbor ran to the rescue and retrieved the girls out of the vehicle.

Firefighters responded to the incident and were able to “stabilized the car with wooden blocks and then used an airbag to lift the car off Tran.”(image)

Tran says that she doesn't consider her actions heroic. After all, she was just being a mother.

“My daughters are my everything, my everything, and I don't want to see them in the hospital, and I knew at that time it was either mine or there's," she told WCVB-TV.

Tran confirms that she cannot walk, as she suffers from a crushed left knee and a dislocated right leg. She expects to be in the hospital for the next few weeks while she goes through surgery and physical therapy, but is more than certain she will walk again.

The two-year-old twins, Sydney and Saleen, are said to be doing just fine. Sources say that they will celebrate their birthday on April 13 at the hospital with Tran as she goes through recovery.

The young mother had reportedly just moved from a shelter to an apartment in Lawrence, Mass., days before the incident occurred in hopes to start a new life for her family.

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