Mindy Kaling Is The Voice Of Disgust In Pixar's ‘Inside Out’

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Inside Out creator Pete Docter struggled to find the voice for the character of Disgust. Eventually, TV star and comedian Mindy Kaling got the role.

The film revolves around Riley, a little girl who moved  to San Francisco from Minnesota. Riley has five different emotions voiced by five different people.

Amy Poehler voices Joy, Bill Hader for Fear, Lewis Black for Anger, Phyllis Smith for Sadness and Kaling for Disgust.

The film goes out to theaters this Friday. Inside Out could possibly mark a comeback for Pixar despite the fact that the studio has focused more on sequels than original stories.

Creator Docter admitted that he and the whole Pixar team had a tough time for Disgust.

“Disgust, we struggled with a lot,” Docter said, “because we weren’t sure whether she should be disgusting or disgusted. Once we arrived at disgusted, Mindy’s voice came up.” Docter became impressed after hearing Kaling voice out lines for Disgust’s dialogue.

Riley was more the setting of the story than the lead character. The five emotions in her head played larger roles than she did. The whole idea was pitched by Docter to producer Jonas Rivera.

“The way Pete pitched it to me was, What if we could make a movie about a little girl, but she’s not the main character, she’s the setting — and the main characters are her emotions?’ We wanted to illustrate how kids change,” said Rivera.

The 35-year-old The Mindy Project star told The News about her challenges during the voice dubbing for Disgust.

“I had to make a lot of nauseated sounds, I had to be barely keeping myself from throwing up a lot,” said Kaling. “You have to not make yourself nauseated, so that was a little challenging.”

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