Miley Cyrus Took Off With Kanye After The VMAs

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Miley Cyrus has, as you may have noticed, been all up in the headlines this week after her raunchy performance with Robin Thicke at the MTV VMAs, which included lots of crotch-thrusting, tongue-slithering, and, ahem, dancing (I refuse to use the T-word. I just can't). She threw on a teddy-bear onesie, donned a giant foam finger, and basically ensured her internet infamy with a performance that has been critiqued up one side and down the other. But some people--like me, for instance--thought it odd that she would shun the after-party following her stage antics, because if anyone looked like they were ready to throw down, it was Miley. Apparently, she didn't just go home and get into her jammies; she was recording with Kanye.

The duo reportedly slipped out after the show and went into the studio to record "Black Skinhead", which West was originally supposed to perform at the VMAs but switched for "Blood On The Leaves".

"He was in a creative mood," a source told Us Weekly. "You know 'Ye: He does everything last minute and just decided to capture their energy and record right after the show. They decided that night."

Cyrus is rumored to have worked on other tracks with West, some of which might appear on her upcoming album "Bangerz", which will be released in October.

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