Miley Cyrus: Pop Star-Cum-Tattoo Artist

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Miley Cyrus had just enough time to try her hand at a new career last Tuesday, on her day off following another Bangerz night in Pittsburgh.

Cyrus spent her off day in NY, where she put on gloves and played tattoo artist. Celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang was the encouraging coach and willing guinea pig to Cyrus’ first attempt at the needle.

She inked a small crescent moon on the tattooist’s left thumb and also got him to ink a matching tat on her left inner arm. In true BFF fashion, she got the same moon shape, only a little bit more defined.

Bang Bang --who has also worked with Justin Beiber-- proudly showed off Cyrus' handiwork to his followers on Instagram, saying: "'I turned @mileycyrus into a tattoo artist today."

Cyrus’ version on Instagram showed the two on a rooftop with the caption: “BFF tats with @bangbangnyc”.

The Wrecking Ball singer also got Bang Bang to add another tat to her ink collection, this time on her right forearm. The ink is a tribute of sorts to the musical group The Flaming Lips and it says “Love Yer Brain”.

Bang Bang tells us the story behind the tat: "It's from her favorite band, The Flaming Lips," he explains. "It's really just about advice about taking care of yourself and taking care of your temple."

Love Yer Brain is the title track from the group’s album from 1987 called Oh My Gawd!!!

He continues to say that Cyrus had very definite ideas about how she wanted that tat to look – including how the font should be really thin and sloppy-looking and not super neat.

Cyrus was later seen enjoying the night with her mom, Tish Cyrus, and some friends at the Sing Sing Karaoke Bar. Cyrus did a couple of duets with her mom and downed more than a couple of Soju vodkas before heading out to another club later on.

Image via mileycyrus, Instagram

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