Mike Tyson's Famous Ear Bite Is Helping Evander Holyfield Sell BBQ Sauce

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Apparently, Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield are getting along just fine. At least their relationship is good enough that they can joke about one of the most famous moment in sports history to sell BBQ sauce.

If you don't know what Evander Holyfield's been doing, other than continuing to box, you may not be alone. He's actually been throwing his weight behind various business ventures. George Foreman has his grill (and it's not doing too bad), and Evander Holyfield has his sauce. His "Real Deal BBQ Sauce" is the best in the world, according to him. He's managed to get Real Deal BBQ sauce into about a dozen California stores and his special blend is the official BBQ sauce of the San Diego convention center. Plus, Real Deal is moving into a few new markets across the country.

But, through the power of Twitter, Holyfield has garnered possibly the best endorsement for the BBQ sauce yet - from that guy who bit his ear off fifteen years ago.

Holyfield tweeted this earlier today:

And just a few hours ago, Iron Mike tweeted this out to his 2.2 million followers:

He even knew to use the "." before the @ mention so that everyone would have the tweet pop up in his feed - good going, Mike.

If you're unclear on why they are talking about eating ears, this should help:

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