Mike Tomlin Reacts To Call In Chargers Game, Talks About NFL Officiating

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Mike Tomlin, the coach of Pittsburgh Steelers, is likely to have a strong opinion on the way the end of the game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Diego Chargers played out.

The game between the Chiefs and Chargers was the last piece of the puzzle in getting the Steelers into the playoffs, and unfortunately, things did not happen the way they wanted it to.

As a result, there will be no post-season for Mike Tomlin's Pittsburgh Steelers, and their season is over with a record of 8-8.

The game ended on a very controversial note in which the San Diego Chargers lined up incorrectly on a field goal, but the penalty was not called.

The NFL later corrected themselves, and in a statement made today, it was said that the Chargers should have been penalized for an illegal formation.

The result of the field goal was a miss from 41 yards by Ryan Succop of the Chiefs, and the game was tied at the time. The missed field goal sent the game to overtime, where the Chargers would eventually win.

The odds of making the playoffs were not likely for the Steelers coming into week 17, but after getting in the position to make the playoffs, fans were crushed after the result of the Chargers game.

After the game, Mike Tomlin said "Obviously, there's a lot of work that needs to be done from an officiating standpoint." He also refused to make an official statement about how he felt about the field goal, saying that was between him, his kids, and his basement.

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers around the country were clearly upset about the call, and Mike Tomlin, who made sure that his team got the win, expressed his frustration as well. He has had great success with the Steelers, and after starting out the season 0-4, he was able to turn the team around, and almost make the playoffs.

As someone who is on the NFL Competition Committee, Mike Tomlin will actually have a say in the process to change officiating practices. He wants to be able to make a difference, not simply someone who is complaining, saying "I always want to be someone that's part of the solution as opposed to someone that's complaining and moaning about the problem. I intend to roll my sleeves up and offer any insight I can in making [the league] the very best it can be moving forward."

In order for the Steelers to make the playoffs, they needed to win, and have the Dolphins, Chargers and Ravens all lose. Well, they beat the Browns, and had help from the Dolphins and Ravens, but unfortunately the Chargers were not willing to let them sneak into the playoffs.

After finishing the season with a record of 8-8, Mike Tomlin will look to improve with his team in 2014.

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