Middle Finger Emoji to Address the Most Common Emotion Felt When Texting

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The Unicode Consortium, the group that regulates the industry standard for emoji and other types of text across multiple platforms (like iOS and Android), has just announced the Unicode Standard version 7.0, which consists of 2,834 new characters – including approximately 250 new emoji.

Also "many other symbols, and 23 new lesser-used and historic scripts, as well as character additions to many existing scripts."

But what's important to you is that you're getting some new emoji. Not right away – manufacturers will have to adopt the new suggested emojis and decide on their own design for them – but down the road you'll have some wonderful new options for visual messaging.

And most importantly, a one-click way to tell your friends to f*ck off.

Emojipedia has compiled a giant list of the new emojis, and we've looked over it. Without a doubt, here's the most important addition:

Reversed Hand With Middle Finger Extended

Yes, it's happening you guys. Say hello to the flip-the-bird emoji, destined to be the most popular character since that creepy googly-eyed pile of poo. Can you think of a more ubiquitous emotion felt during texting than wanting to give someone the middle finger? I sure can't. Maybe I should get new friends.

You're also getting a "Raised Hand With Part Between Middle And Ring Fingers" so you can live long and prosper.

Oh, and don't forget about "fax icon"! That's...necessary.

Image via Emoji Blog mockup

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