Microsoft Wants Your Kids To Make Windows Phone Inspired Art

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Every year, Google holds a contest called Doodle 4 Google that tasks children with creating one of the many doodles that populate Google's homepage every year. Microsoft doesn't want to be left behind so it's starting its own art contest, but it's a little more terrifying.

Inspired by the Kid's Corner feature in Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is tasking children to create original artwork based on Windows Phone. The art in question must answer the following questions:

“What do you wish your Windows Phone could do? How do you imagine yourself, your family, and others using your phone?”

Four winners will be selected and have their artwork professionally recreated by Dave DeVries. DeVries made a name for himself by creating outlandish, and sometimes outright scary, pieces of art based on children's drawings. Now he's doing the same here, but with a Windows Phone twist.

To illustrate what kind of art they want, KC Lemson, Program Manger on the Windows Phone team, had her children draw some sketches of Windows Phone inspired "creatures." DeVries took the original art and made the "lovely" piece of art you see below:

Microsoft Wants Your Kids To Make Windows Phone Inspired Art

Unlike Google's Doodle 4 Google contest, Microsoft won't feature your child's artwork in a fancy museum. Instead, the child will receive a digital file of the recreated art from DeVries. The art will also be featured on various Microsoft properties around the Web. It's not fancy museum showing, but hey, your kid will be forever associated with the Microsoft brand. That's gotta be worth something, right?

Those who wish to enter their children into the Windows Phone Kid's Art Contest need only send the art to with the subject line "Kid's Art Entry." Unfortunately, the contest is only open to 12-year-olds and younger. Those of us with hopes of having our art reimagined as scary monsters will have to do it ourselves.

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