Microsoft Utilizing HTML5 for Bing Mobile Hybrid Apps


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Consider this another victory for the advancement of HTML5, the latest mark-up language update which pushes the envelope of HTML capabilities. Microsoft has decided to use it to build their latest Bing for Mobile apps. What benefits will the language provide with the new apps?

First, the same experience will be nearly universal across various platforms and clients. If you've ever been frustrated at the version of your app being different than your friend's, then you'll enjoy these new versions. HTML5 will also make updating Bing apps much easier on Microsoft. Instead of worrying about different clients and languages, they can simply change the app and have it reflected across the board.

Bing Mobile App

Not only will updating be simplified, but it will also enhance many features already present. Instead of relying simply on the app itself, HTML5 will allow it to gather information and conduct tasks from outside sources. The apps will also be able to utilize features on particular hardwares, including voice search and Bing Vision, which will

Stefan Weitz, senior director of Bing, said this of the upgrade, "We think it’s an interesting model to think about how to expose the things you can do with a product or service in ways that engines like Bing can consume them, so we can do a better job"

"That’s the idea, how can we begin to unlock the power of these applications so engines like Bing can use them to fulfill a request."

Microsoft's investment in HTML5 is a huge push towards the markup language upgrade becoming more universally accepted. If you'd like to learn more about the capabilities of HTML5, you can do so here.