Microsoft Releases Azure Linux Update

Microsoft has released an update to its Azure Linux distro, bosting a slew of fixes and bringing the version to 2.0.20240403....
Microsoft Releases Azure Linux Update
Written by Matt Milano
  • Microsoft has released an update to its Azure Linux distro, bosting a slew of fixes and bringing the version to 2.0.20240403.

    Azure Linux is based on Microsoft’s CBL-Mariner distro, and is used as for Azure Linux Container Host workloads. The company has released an updated version of Azure Linux, incorporating a plethora of bug and security fixes.

    The release notes were announced on GitHub:

    • Add patch for cloud-init pkg install error
    • Add patch to limit pytest-mypy-plugins version for python-attrs test
    • Disabled experimental c-ares module from python-gevent (also fixes CVE-2021-22931)
    • Enabled ccache and artifact suffixes for fast-track PR check
    • Exclude overlayfs module from main dracut package.
    • Explicitly add libgcc as a requires to distroless base
    • Fix imagegen tools (toolkit) to Write fstab file in correct order.
    • Fix kata-containers to use system OpenSSL
    • Fix kata-containers-cc to fix macro expansion (use grub2-rpm-macros)
    • Fix kata-containers-cc virtiofsd dependency
    • Fix mariner_2_initrd_use_suffix kdump.conf option
    • Fix moby-compose license for ASL 2.0
    • Fix msft-golang to include go.env in GOROOT
    • Fix python-prettytables ptest.
    • Fix python-remoto ptest
    • Fix toolchain rebuilds for delta builds.
    • Force systemd coredump to use LZ4 compression
    • Limited cascading rebuilds for the fast-track PR check to 1.
    • Modify cython to skip long tests.
    • Patch CVE-2023-52160 for wpa_supplicant
    • Patch libtiff to fix CVE-2023-52356
    • Patch PAM to fix CVE-2024-22365
    • Patch azure-iot-sdk-c to address CVE-2024-25110 and CVE-2024-27099 – bran
    • Patch clamav to fix CVE-2024-20328
    • Patch expat to fix CVE-2023-52426
    • Patch kubervirt for CVE-2022-41723
    • Patch less to fix CVE-2022-48624
    • Patch libvirt to fix CVE-2024-1441 and CVE-2024-2496
    • Patch nodejs18 to fix CVE-2024-22025 (NOTE: nodejs[16] is end of life and will be removed from build at next monthly update)
    • Patch open-vm-tools to address CVE-2023-34058 & CVE-2023-34059
    • Patch to package qt5-qtbase to address CVE-2022-25643
    • Patch unixODBC to fix CVE-2024-1013
    • Patch xorg-x11-server to fix CVE-2023-5574, CVE-2023-5367 & CVE-2023-5380, CVE-2023-6816, CVE-2024-21885
    • Removed the runOnHost flag to fix the fast-track PR check pipelines.
    • Switch qemu-guest base image to kernel instead of kernel-hci
    • Update expat changelog
    • Update guava to 32.1.3 in Javapackages-bootstrap
    • Update toolchain container bootstrap to 2.0.20240123
    • Upgrade Kernel to to address kernel CVE-2014-3185, CVE-2015-5157, CVE-2022-2585, CVE-2022-2586, CVE-2022-2588,CVE-2022-2602, CVE-2023-5090, CVE-2023-5633, CVE-2023-6040, CVE-2023-6200, CVE-2023-6560, > CVE-2023-35827, CVE-2023-46838, CVE-2023-52429, CVE-2023-50431, CVE-2023-52434, CVE-2023-52435, CVE-2024-0340, CVE-2024-0562, CVE-2024-0646, CVE-2024-0775, CVE-2024-1086, CVE-2024-23849, CVE-2024-23850, CVE-2024-23851
    • Upgrade ansible to 2.14.4 fix CVE-2024-0690
    • Upgrade ca-certificates Msft cert change
    • Upgrade emacs to 29.3 to fix CVE-2024-30202, CVE-2024-30204, CVE-2024-30205
    • Upgrade expat to 2.6.2 CVE-2023-52425 and CVE-2024-28757
    • Upgrade helm to 3.14.2 CVE-2024-26147
    • Upgrade libreswan to 4.14
    • Upgrade msft-golang to 1.21.8 to fix CVEs
    • Upgrade nmi to 1.8.17 CVE-2022-41717, CVE-2022-23551
    • Upgrade node-problem-detector to version v0.8.17 and patch CVE-2024-24786
    • Upgrade python to 3.9.19: address CVE-2023-6597 and other security concerns
    • Upgrade zstd to 1.5.4 CVE-2022-4899
    • Upgrade etcd to version 3.5.12.
    • Patch gnutls to fix CVE-2024-0567
    • Patch telegraf for CVE-2024-27304 and CVE-2024-28110
    • Kata: Release v3.2.0.azl0 for both vanilla and CC based on aligned sources
    • Kata: upgrade kernel-uvm and kata-conatainers-cc for LSG release v2402.26.1

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