Microsoft Turns To Celebrity Endorsements To Sell Windows Phone 8

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Windows Phone 8 looks pretty neat, but not everybody is convinced of that. Heck, some people might not even know that Windows Phone 8 is a thing. That's why Microsoft needs to get the word out, and the company is utilizing the best tool at its disposal - celebrity endorsements.

At Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 event, Steve Ballmer introduced actress Jessica Alba as a Windows Phone 8 superfan. It seemed like the usual press conference celebrity appearance, but Alba's ad is now being shown on television.

Ah, but you're a shrewd consumer. One celebrity endorsement isn't going to do it for you. You need a second opinion from another celebrity that comes from a different walk of life. Microsoft is way ahead of you as they have also partnered with No Doubt rocker Gwen Stefani to show off her Windows Phone.

While both these celebrities make a compelling point, Microsoft knows that some people just might not be convinced. That's why the company will be releasing more ads in the future from comedian Andy Samberg and Carolina Panthers Quarterback Cam Netwon. The company also said they have a few surprises in store, but wouldn't divulge more details.

For now, let's just hope Microsoft brings Steve Ballmer's Windows Phone ad to television. Celebrities may do it for you, but it seems a little fake sometimes. The company's CEO would surely never hype his own product to unrealistic levels.