Microsoft To Spend $2 Billion On Bing Ads In The UK


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As fans of "The Office" may know, it's fairly common for the entertainment industry to take a successful concept and adapt it for use overseas.  And now, Microsoft's performing a similar conversion, launching a "Bing and decide" advertising campaign in the U.K.

Bing logoIt's a good bet that you've seen a couple of these amusing TV spots by now; they feature one person trying to talk to another, but the second individual, suffering from "search overload," is only able to respond by rattling off absurd details related to certain keywords.

It's commercials in this vein that Microsoft intends to air in the U.K., starting this Wednesday and continuing through the middle of June.  Mark Sweney reported that the campaign will cost the company a significant amount: $2 billion.

Ashley Highfield, who used to work for the BBC and now holds the lengthy title "Managing Director & VP, Consumer & Online UK" at Microsoft, also assured Sweney, "This is a big moment - we are taking out our slingshots and taking on Goliath."

Highfield didn't lay out what sort of market share gains Microsoft hopes to make as a result of this ad campaign.