Microsoft the Latest to Try Its Own Snapchat

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Snapchat is so hot right now. The kids these days, well, they're pretty obsessed with the ephemeral messaging app. Among Millennials, it's currently the third most-popular social app, behind only Facebook and Instagram. The company is serving well over 700 million messages a day, and whether you think it's ridiculous or not, has just been valuated at $10 billion dollars.

If you were a major tech company, why wouldn't you want to bottle that and try to replicate it?

Facebook already tried. Twice. Their first attempt has been unceremoniously shuttered and the most recent attempt, Slingshot, is rather pointless.

Today, it's Microsoft trying to capitalize on the craze of short-lived messages. Neowin first spotted a new app in the Windows Phone Store called WindUp.

The app, last updated on August 5th, allows users to "create and share fun, temporary messages and media with friends using WindUp. Decide how long a message will last - set it to expire after a time or view limit of your choice. Set a low limit to "wind up" your friends as they race to see what you've posted, or set the limit high to make your message last longer. WindUp lets you share pictures, videos and audio snippets, as well as text."

Sound familiar?

Image via Microsoft, Windows Phone Store

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