Microsoft Surface Keynote Address - In Living Color

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Did you miss Microsoft's debut of its flashy new tablet, Surface? If you were on the east coast following the live-blogs, you could be forgiven for missing it since the conference nosed into dinner time. Or, maybe you missed it because you were out of the loop for the past four days, which was about all of the advance that Microsoft gave ahead of yesterday's event. At any rate, if you missed it, you missed it. You'll never see it now. Dems the breaks, kiddos.


Well, well, can't pull a fast one on you, can I? Yes, lament not, dear readers, for there were people yesterday with the presence of mind to capture the entire keynote address on video. The good people at Microsoft were nice enough to upload the full address to YouTube to share with the rest of the world.

Before getting to the keynote address, though, it's best to fit on the experience as it was meant to be worn so here again is the promo video that Microsoft released for Surface, complete with a pop-industrial soundtrack that oddly makes you smile when you imagine all those Microsoft execs listening to this while in their pre-conference team huddle.

And now that you're ready, behold - the Microsoft Surface keynote address:

So who's excited? Who's a little underwhelmed? Feel free to chime in below with your comments.

Note: This article has been updated from its original copy. The embedded keynote video was changed in order to include the official Microsoft video of the keynote from Windows' YouTube page.

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