Microsoft Reveals Kinect 3D Desktop (Video)

IT Management

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Microsoft has pushed the boundaries between physical and digital worlds with their popular gaming interface Kinect. Now they plan to test this technology in the desktop PC market, with a Kinect-intigrated 3D desktop.

Microsoft Research reveals at their recent TechForum a prototype 3D desktop that allows users to manipulate 3D digital objects in real space. The desktop features a fold out transparent OLED Samsung display, where the user places his hands behind the screen to work the real keyboard and interact with objects on the virtual display.

Users can scroll through files, move and resize digital objects, and accomplish everything you can with a mouse, with your bare hands. It's as close as you can get to physically reaching into your monitor and manipulating the objects on your screen.

Kinect sensors track and display your hand movement, while at the same time detecting your eye positions to deliver a 3D image with depth and perspective based on where you are.

Microsoft Research has also revealed these new concepts in Kinect sensor technology: