Microsoft Offering Windows 8 Upgrade for $15

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Microsoft is running a promotion surrounding the launch of its Windows 8 operating system, which will run from June 2nd through January 31st, 2013, according to The Verge. Customers of Microsoft Store who buy a Windows 7 machine after June 2nd can upgrade to Windows 8 Pro for $14.99. The promotion is allegedly billed as the "Windows Step-Up Offer," and is good through January 31st.

Whereas Windows 7 has Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions, there are only two Windows 8 editions - Windows 8, and Windows 8 Pro. Interestingly, it's been recently reported that DVD playback in Windows 8 will be a paid upgrade. Makes sense, as everything is shifting to the streaming format.

Below is a clip describing the Windows 8 Consumer Preview:

Those who purchase Windows 8 during the promotion will be able to attend workshops on the operating system, and will get a $20 Microsoft Store gift card in exchange for showing up. Essentially, Microsoft would be giving WIndows 8 away, along with $5.

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