Microsoft: ASP.NET 5 is Now ASP.NET Core 1.0

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Microsoft recently declared ASP.NET 5 dead. In name at least.

They decided that naming the new "completely written from scratch" ASP.NET framework ASP.NET 5 was a bad idea because it makes it seem like it's bigger, better, and replaces ASP.NET 4.6, which is not the case.

With this in mind, they've renamed ASP.NET 5 "ASP.NET Core 1.0". .NET Core 5 is now .NET Core 1.0, and Entity Framework 7 is now Entity Framework Core1.0.

"Why 1.0? Because these are new," Microsoft's Jeffrey T. Fritz recently explained in a blog post. "The whole .NET Core concept is new. The .NET CLI is very new. Not only that, but .NET Core isn’t as complete as the full .NET Framework 4.6. We’re still exploring server-side graphics libraries. We’re still exploring gaps between ASP.NET 4.6 and ASP.NET Core 1.0."

"To be clear, ASP.NET 4.6 is the more mature platform. It’s battle-tested and released and available today," he added. "ASP.NET Core 1.0 is a 1.0 release that includes Web API and MVC but doesn’t yet have SignalR or Web Pages. It doesn’t yet support VB or F#. It will have these subsystems some day but not today."

Microsoft basically wants to reiterate that ASP.NET 4.6 will continue to live on, fully supported.

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