Mick Jagger Thrills Grandmother at Taylor Swift Concert

Kimberly RipleyLife

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Mick Jagger is just the latest in a long list of big-time celebs that Taylor Swift has thrilled her concert-goers with by surprising them during her shows.

On Saturday, during a Taylor Swift concert in Nashville, one 72-year-old grandmother had a long-forgotten dream come true.

The woman accompanied her granddaughter to Swift's show because she wasn't old enough to go alone. She didn't really want to go. Her reluctance was soon rewarded a hundred times over when Taylor Swift brought Mick Jagger out onto her stage.

This excited grandmother was a diehard Rolling Stones fan in her younger days, but she never saw the band in concert. When Mick Jagger joined Taylor Swift at her concert, this grandmother's dreams suddenly came true.

So far, the name of this happy granny hasn't hit the media, but it's really only a matter of time. What do you bet she will soon make the rounds of daytime talk shows and wind up meeting Taylor Swift in person?

Do you think Taylor Swift will arrange for this reluctant grandmother to meet Mick Jagger as well?

Kimberly Ripley
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