Michelle Duggar Visits Fertility Doctor Hoping To Have 20th Child At 47

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Michelle Duggar and her husband Bob seem to think that having 19 children is not enough. In a preview of an upcoming episode of their reality show 19 Kids and Counting, the couple is seen visiting a fertility doctor and asking if it is safe and possible for Michelle, 47, to still bear a child.

In the preview, Michelle said, “We are just going to check and see that I’m physically in good condition.” She said that they would love to have more children, but she just wants to make sure that she is still capable of bearing a child.

Michelle is consulting an expert, since their youngest child, Josie, was born 3 months premature. Josie, now 4 years old, is happy and healthy. 3 years ago, the Duggars were expecting their 20th child, but Michelle had a miscarriage that was discovered when she had an ultrasound.

The couple went to Little Rock, Arkansas to visit Dr. Paul Wendel whose specialty is in high-risk pregnancies. Since Michelle is already 47 years old, there is a higher risk of her child having complications or birth defects, Dr. Wendel said. However, he also stated that there are rare cases of women bearing children in their late 40’s up to 50 years old. The doctor also said that their chance of conceiving is less than 5%.

The Duggars do not believe in birth control and they said that the number of children they have is “up to God.” They have 19 children, and they also have grandchildren.

When Michelle and Bob got married, they thought that they would only have two or three children. They now have 10 boys, and 9 girls, and all their children have names starting with the letter “J.”

19 Kids and Counting is now on its eighth season. The episode airs Tuesday on TLC.

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