Michelle Duggar Says Jim Bob Picks Her Up for Nooners

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When a fan asked Michelle Duggar if she and husband Jim Bob Duggar take cheap date nights, the 19 Kids and Counting matriarch jumped at the chance to answer.

"We sure do! Sometimes we’ll go for a drive and just park and talk or take a walk and talk."

The Kardashians are parlaying their reality TV time into a multi-million dollar empire. But is sounds like Michelle Duggar and her husband are either pinching pennies to accumulate wealth, or they have so many mouths to feed that their TV riches are evaporating.

But Michelle says these un-glamorous dates are actually a welcome getaway.

"It’s so nice when it’s quiet and there are no interruptions. We really enjoy that because we’re not around a lot of people then, and we can catch up with each other. Other times, we’ll go out for a coffee or ice cream, which is my favorite weekly sweet treat, or occasionally a nice meal."

Michelle Duggar says that their busy lives sometimes bump their date nights out. But she says Jim Bob manages to squeeze her in.

"It’s not uncommon for our dates to get bumped around because of our busy schedules. If we’ve got something happening on our regular date night, Jim Bob usually will just call me up on a weekday and ask me out on a date. It’s really sweet, he’ll call up and say, 'Hey, can I come and steal you away for a date?'

"Then he’ll surprise me and take me for lunch between his office work and my work at home.

"Jim Bob is so much more spontaneous than I am. I like to plan ahead and think about it for days and always have my ducks in a row. But I’ve learned to just jump and go; it’s so much more fun that way."

She does not further specify where they spend these nooner dates.

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