Michelle Beadle Heads To A Minnesota Prom

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Michelle Beadle attended a very special event this weekend, and was able to add a new title to her resume ... 2014 prom date!

Beadle, who is a sports reporter for ESPN and co-host of SportsNation on ESPN2, agreed to go to prom with Jack "Jabs" Jablonski when he asked her to be his date during a radio interview back in March.

Jack, a former Minnesota prep hockey player, was paralyzed during a hockey game two years ago. Jack has long been a fan of Beadle's and was ecstatic when the 38-year-old said yes to his invitation.

Many high schools have strict rules on the student's dates; most will not allow students to bring a date over the age of 21. However, considering the circumstances, Benilde-St. Margaret's School made the exception for jack, allowing him to bring his celebrity date.

“I’m happy that the school actually allowed me because I know they’re very, they’ve got some really good rules here," Beadle explained. "And, so it’ll be fun. I get to go on a school bus. Hello, it’s going to make me young again."

Before the big night, Beadle posted a tweet explaining how nervous she was to be going to a high school prom. "I'm a 38 year old getting ready for prom. My hair will be slightly smaller and my bum slightly bigger. And I'm also nervous. What?!?!" she wrote.

Beadle then shared a series of photos, including some selfies of her and Jack.

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