Michelle Bachman Tries Out Google Glass


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Now that Google's latest experiment has caught the eye of congress and privacy advocates, many Google Glass fans are wary that the devices may be over-regulated before they even appear on the market. The congressional privacy caucus even sent an open letter to Google CEO Larry Page this week, asking for clarification and details on Google's Glass privacy policies.

While many member of congress will no doubt judge Glass by the provocative headlines it is producing, at least one congresswoman is checking out the technology for herself. U.S. Representative Michelle Bachmann was spotted in the halls of congress this week trying out Google Glass. Though Bachmann is not a member of the congressional privacy caucus, her position in the Tea Party movement could influence conservative Americans' opinions of the new technology. A photo of the congresswoman wearing the device was tweeted on Wednesday by NBC News Capitol Hill reporter Luke Russert:

Of course, Bachmann's conservative and religious stances in congress have often made her a laughing stock in social media, and this occasion is no different. Replies to Russert's picture include some funny and some mean tweets: