Michael Jordan And Steph Curry Get Mentioned By Kanye West In Controversial Tweet

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Rapper Kanye West has made another controversial Twitter post this Sunday in which he compared himself to two NBA stars: Michael Jordan and Steph Curry.

Kanye West is known for his crazy Twitter rants especially when his latest album The Life of Pablo came out. Just earlier this week, he tweeted to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, asking the social media exec to invest $1 billion into his music because he is the “greatest living artist.” This time around, he mentioned legendary Bulls star Michael Jordan and Golden State phenom Steph Curry in his latest post.

He called himself the “Michael Jordan and Steph Curry of music” before adding that he is “the best of two generations.”

Jordan has yet to comment on the said tweet but Curry had mixed feelings about it. He found it amusing that West would consider him “best” in his field and at the same time weird to be mentioned with Jordan.

“I've seen a lot of his crazy kind of outlandish tweets in the past, especially in the past month, and then when I saw my name cross through his fingertips that was pretty funny and 'honoring' at the same time and also very weird, putting me in the same conversation as Michael ... and Kanye,” the Golden State Warriors player told the reporters.

He went on to say that he found one interesting meme of him and Jordan in their jersey with West’s face on both players and said it was his favorite meme to date.

“Someone did a graphic of me in my jersey and Jordan, they dubbed him guarding me, and Kanye’s face was on both of us. That’s my favorite meme of all time — or so far to-date. I’m gonna have to get that blown up on my wall or something,” Curry said laughing.

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