Michael J. Fox: NBC Is "Crazy" For Giving Him A Show

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Michael J. Fox sat down with Ellen DeGeneres recently to talk about his latest project, a show based on his life which will air on NBC. Although Fox has had recurring roles on several shows such as "The Good Wife" and "Boston Legal", this will mark his first starring role on television since "Spin City" went off the air in 2001.

Fox has spoken publicly about his fear that suffering from Parkinson's Disease would either make viewers uncomfortable or would become the main focus rather than his acting, but over the years he's managed the disease extremely well, going on to guest star on several highly successful shows to rave reviews. He told Ellen, however, that NBC is "crazy" for ordering a full season of his new project, calling it a "leap of faith".

The network is right to have faith in the actor, though, as he has always chosen his roles, no matter how big or small, very carefully. He also manages to bring an admirable quality to all of his characters that makes viewers want to tune in no matter what the project is.

As far as his decision to suddenly take the plunge into a starring role again, Fox says a positive attitude has always been a factor in how he lives his life, and that hasn't changed.

“I always say live in the moment, enjoy the day, make the most of what you have," he said. "And I thought, ‘well if I put one day after another where its like that, why not just do what I love to do and work.’”

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