Michael Chiklis Joins the Freak Show on 'American Horror Story'


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This week, via Twitter, Ryan Murphy announced the title of the next season of American Horror Story, which will be called Freak Show. And as you might have guessed, it’s about a freak show.  During last night’s American Horror Story PaleyFest panel, Murphy revealed some other juicy details about this pending season.

The cast of American Horror Story: Coven took to the stage to share some stories about their time in New Orleans and the past season. However, for fans, the most interesting details came in the form of facts about the Freak Show. A major unveiling was the news that Michael Chiklis will be joining the series. His character will be the father to Evan Peters’ character and ex-husband to Kathy Bates’ character.

After the announcement, Chiklis surprised the PaleyFest audience by coming on stage to join the Coven cast. "What a way to come back to my home network," he told the panel’s audience. Chiklis appeared on FX’s series The Shield from 2002-2008, for which he won an Emmy in 2002. During the panel, Murphy revealed that he wanted Chiklis to join the series for a while.

Murphy also revealed that American Horror Story: Freak Show will take place in Jupiter, Florida, but will again film in New Orleans. Jessica Lange’s character will be a German expatriate who runs the freak show in the 1950s. All the actors on the stage, which included Bates, Emma Roberts, Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, Gabourey Sidibe, Frances Conroy, Jamie Brewer, Denis O’Hare, and Evan Peters, will return to Freak Show in some capacity. Additionally, Murphy disclosed that some actors from season 1 and 2 will be returning as well.

Murphy made it clear that this season of American Horror Story will not be a carnival or circus, but a freak show. “We’re going to freak you and scare you!” He said.

American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres on FX this fall.

Image via Michael Chiklis, Twitter