Michael C. Hall: From Dexter To Hedwig On Broadway


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Michael C. Hall has left his kill room and knives behind. The former Dexter star returned to Broadway on Thursday as the lead in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. You may remember that Neil Patrick Harris won a Tony Award last year for playing the same titular character.

Harris left the musical in August. Book of Mormon star Andrew Rannells stepped in as a temporary replacement. Now, it's Hall's turn to take on the East German transgender rockstar who survived a botched sex change.

This is not Hall's first time on Broadway. He starred in the drama The Realistic Joneses. He also appeared as the Emcee in a revival of Cabaret in 1999. Of course, most people recognize Hall as the funeral director from HBO's Six Feet Under or as the serial killer with a code from Dexter.

Wearing full-on drag and dancing around the stage in three inch heels can't be easy. For the past month, Hall has been involved in what he describes as, "an emotional, spiritual and cardiovascular boot camp."

Rehearsing in full wardrobe and makeup did help Hall with his character, "Rehearsing in the rehearsal hall with heels and fishnets and imagining the feel of the wigs or the look of the face is one thing, but leaving it to the creative powers that be to basically be the character for a time and give me my face and my hair, there's nothing like it."

And what was it about playing Hedwig that appealed most to Hall? "The show has a profound and universal message,” he said. “It’s about self-acceptance. We’re all internally stitched up. That’s part of the inevitability of living.”

If you want to check out Michael C. Hall on Broadway in Hedwig and the Angry Inch, you can get tickets by clicking here. His performance lasts until January 4.