Metro: Last Light Trailer Forsakes God

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Metro 2033 was a dark game, and its predecessor, Metro: Last Light, is shaping up to be just as dark. Set in the same post-apocalyptic world, the sequel will provide survival horror fans with another trip to a rotten, broken-down Russia.

THQ and 4A Games today released a trailer for Last Light that's heavy on flashlights, monsters, and religious symbolism. The trailer is narrated by a voice that reads a pretty faithful version of the opening passages of the Christian Bible. As the narrator describes God creating the Earth and giving dominion over it to man, contrasting images of a broken humanity are shown. The interpretation of the seventh day is a bit off though. Instead of resting, God is said to have abandoned mankind to its fate. It's a bleak look at what is sure to be an intense title.

To lighten the mood a bit, THQ is offering gamers a free copy of the original Metro 2033 for liking the Metro Facebook page. It's a blatant ploy to get the new trailer all over Facebook, but hey - it's also a free copy of a decent shooter.

The release of Last Light was recently delayed to March, along with THQ's South Park: The Stick of Truth.

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