'Metal Gear Solid V' Xbox Exclusives Announced


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As Microsoft so pointedly showed by making Metal Gear Solid V the first debut of its E3 presentation, the Metal Gear franchise is no longer exclusive to PlayStation consoles. The game (games, really) will be coming to both PlayStation and Xbox consoles next year.

Along with the console releases will come exclusive content for each hardware manufacturer. One month ago Sony was the first to announce its exclusives, showing off the “Déjà Vu” mission for Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Ground Zeroes is the prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, and will be released in spring 2014. The PlayStation exclusive will allow players to complete a special mission while dressed as the low-poly Solid Snake seen in the original Metal Gear Solid.

Today Microsoft has finally revealed its exclusive Ground Zeroes mission. In an exclusive mission titled "Jamais Vu," Xbox owners will be able to take on the role of Raiden for a more action-oriented approach to completing the mission, which involves identifying and killing body-snatching aliens:

Along with the exclusive content announcement, Konami has also released another long video of Metal Gear Solid V gameplay. Where the Sony announcement came with a long daytime preview of the game, the Xbox announcement has been accompanied by an even longer nightime gameplay video that showcases a bit of the title's stealth gameplay: