Mena Suvari Has An Awesome Christmas Card Photo


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It looks like Kelly Clarkson and her family aren't the only high-profile Christmas photos this year with an endearingly awkward twist; American Pie star Mena Suvari has just upped the delightfully tacky Christmas photo game with matching sweaters and the inclusion of her and her boyfriend's cat. The actress tweeted the photo, originally an Instagram picture, as shown above, on December 9th, with the caption "#HAPPYHOLIDAYS, Love, @salsancheztat2s @mena13suvari and Ms. Blanca. Thanx to @reveckan."

The photo features Suvari with her boyfriend, Sal Sanchez. The two are donning matching holiday sweaters, which feature giant nutcrackers on the front. They are sitting on a chair with their white cat, which is named Blanca. What really takes the photo from "somewhat campy" to "charmingly cheesey," however, is not the giant grins that the couple wear, Sanchez's perfectly groomed mustache, or the adorable red bow in Suvari's hair; it is the larger, superimposed image of Blanca that graves the right-hand corner of the photo, looking somewhat confused as to why, exactly, it is floating in blank space.

This trend of flipping the age-old tradition of holiday cards and photos on its head is all in good fun, and celebrities like Duvari and Clarkson seem to have it down to an art. The campy, light-hearted fun and joy that silly pictures like these bring to folks is a wonderful thing, especially at a time of year when laughter, togetherness, and happiness are meant to be celebrated. Photos such as these remind us about what the season is truly about; having fun and making memories with the people you care most about-- preferably involving tacky sweaters and cats, if such arrangements can be met. So tell us, WebProNews readers; what kind of shenanigans do you plan on getting into with your holiday photos, if you plan to take them?

[Image courtesy of Mena Suvari's official Twitter page.]