Meme Supercut Shows the Origin of All Your Favorites

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Context is everything, right?

Memes. Memes everywhere. Some of them have stayed true to the the message of that which spawned them, and others have taken on a life of their own. Once the internet wraps its cold, clammy hands around something there's no telling how many permutations it will go through before it reaches your screen.

If memes are poised to become the dominant form of online communication (and some may argue that they already have), we probably owe it to ourselves to find out where they came from. Or, you know, watch a cool video and forget it later.

Either way, YouTube user hatinhand made a helpful supermix of the various clips from movies, television, and the internet (memes are rather meta at times) that serve as the basis for most everything you see on reddit on a daily basis.

Check out a mess of memes below:

How many did you recognize? I can name them all. Not sure if proud of myself or severely depressed.

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