Melissa Rauch: Raunchy Scene Scores A 10

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Melissa Rauch scored a 10 at the Sundance Film Festival on Thursday for a raunchy, and "hilarious", sex scene with on-screen love interest Sebastian Stan (of Winter Soldier fame).

Her film, called The Bronze, details the sad life of a former Olympic gymnast who has descended into a washout life of boozing and smoking pot in a small Ohio town.

Variety called the above-mentioned scene "one of the raunchiest sex sequences in movie history."

They even disclosed that Melissa Rauch's weird scene featured "pole vaults, cartwheels and pirouettes, was a constant source of amusement."

Melissa Rauch wrote the film with her husband, Winston Rauch, who joked that the scene was a glimpse into what goes on in their bedroom.

She makes me laugh at her spot-on gymnast look!

So excited & honored to be premiering my new film, "The Bronze" at Sundance Opening Night! #TheBronze #Sundance

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The truth, according to Melissa Rauch, is that bronze medals are “an international symbol of mediocrity.”

The concept is fun and even relatable to most, even Melissa Rauch. It seems she had her share of disappointments leading up to her huge success as Dr. Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful friend @missmayim who puts up with me constantly asking to be her Six.

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Melissa Rauch admitted that whenever she would return to her hometown while starring in a television show she’d get free Wetzel’s Pretzels. But once that show went off the air, she would have the honor taken away.

That stings. A little.

But, fans of The Big Bang Theory mustn't despair. It shouldn't be the case that you walk away from the film (should you decide to brave it) not being able to look at Bernadette the same.

Get ready for prom night on a new episode of The Big Bang Theory tonight!

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Melissa Rauch admits to using a body double for the, ahem, bedroom gymnastics.

“My body never looked better, thanks to her,” she said.

Well, what do you think about this new role that Melissa Rauch has made for herself?

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