Melissa McCarthy Hosts SNL For The Fourth – Not Fifth – Time

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Melissa McCarthy thought that she was finally part of the illustrious five-timers club of Saturday Night Live when she celebrated a little too early during her opening monologue last Saturday. The comedienne launched into a song-and-dance number with background dancers hoisting her up as a huge number “5” was brought on stage. Unfortunately, cast member Kenan Thompson burst her bubble and reminded her that it’s only been four times since she’s hosted the famous NBC sketch show.

The Mike & Molly star showcased her unique brand of physical comedy in several sketches, and a handful of them were pretty strong in the laughs department. In the sketch called “Test Screening,” Melissa McCarthy plays a cinema audience member whose over-the-top reactions are captured on camera while watching a horror film.

Melissa McCarthy Cannot Handle a Horror Film

In another sketch entitled “Whiskers R We,” McCarthy joined SNL cast member Kate McKinnon as quirky cat ladies who star in their own ad for their cat rescue center. In this clip, McCarthy’s character tells the audience about the rather sinister back stories of their cats while not-so-subtly coming on to McKinnon’s character.

McCarthy Plays a Sexually Fluid Cat Lady

With the diversity debate in Hollywood being such a hot issue nowadays, an SNL episode would not be complete without a sketch about race. Melissa McCarthy played a clueless white woman seated next to a black woman (played by Leslie Jones) who rambles on and on about how she loves black film, especially Roots. Her politically incorrect musings puts Jones’ character – who tried desperately to get off the bus – on edge.

Melissa McCarthy Plays an Oblivious Racist White Woman

SNL also tackled the infamous and quite ridiculous “pick-up culture” that has been growing in popularity in the last couple of years. In this sketch, Melissa McCarthy played another awkward character named Rhonda, who joins a female pick-up class and tries – without success – to apply the teachings of her pick-up mentor, played by Cecily Strong. Her constant attempts at pursuing the same guy by shoving her fingers in her mouth was hardly attractive but she definitely got their attention.

Melissa McCarthy Shows Us the Art of the Pick-up

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